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Giving you and your business the best telephone service in and around the South Jersey area.

About Us

Since 1988, L&D Communications has provided telephone systems and service to businesses throughout the Southern New Jersey areas. We are a full service telecommunications vendor with an unrivaled reputation for excellence, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Our clients rest assured knowing that their business telephone systems work for their businesses and not against them. Whether you're looking for a complete business telephone system or system additions such as voice mail or call accounting systems, L&D Communications can satisfy your needs.

Our services

Phone Systems

We can provide you with a phone system that is fully equiped and meets any needs that you may have. The systems we offer and work on are - Grandstream, NEC & Avaya. More information here

Cabling & Wiring

We perform Cat 5E, Cat 6, Fiber optic data and telephone cabling services. From new construction to retro-fitting an existing system, we can do the job. In fact, we even install fiber optic cables, and connections. Our technicians are trained and equipped to meet the demands of practically any application.

Maintenance Programs

As a business professional, you know how important your telephone system is to your organization. Just as you maintain your production equipment, corporate vehicles, and physical plant, you should also maintain your telephone system.

Phone Systems - Continued

Finding the right telephone system for your business is very important. L&D Communications offers the affordable NEC SL1100/SL2100 systems starting at four lines eight digital stations. It has VOIP capabilities. Voice mail is very affordable and can even send your voice mail to your email. If you are looking for something that can offer more then go for the NEC SL1100 or SL2100, this can expand to five systems networked together and loaded with features. Call for details.

If you are starting out with a new business and are looking for auto-attendant, voice mail, and many other features think about a hosted solution with low cost to get started give us a call and we can help get you on your way. You will need a good Internet connection like FIOS or Comcast to use this. Many times this will reduce your phone charges.

If you are the larger business and want big system features and a system that grows with your business the Avaya IP Office is for you. This system will network with 32 other offices and allow employees to work from home. This is a system that will work for you and grow over three hundred stations at each location and multiple offices. You can get to over 1,000 stations at your office across the country or around the world.

If you are looking for a system that really will blow you away take a look at the Grandstream IP-PBX It can start small and grow really large. You can include cameras for securuity as well that will work with the phones. Through software and cameras you can see who is at the door, talk with them and even release the door. You can see who is around your building before leaving the office at night. The system can grow to several thousand stations and can be networked to work anywhere around the world. It is based off open source software and does not have the license that you have to buy from many other systems to add features like SIP trunks and voicemail ports. You just program them in and you have them, You may have to buy a card for adding CO lines but the pricing is very competitive. Call today for a free demo. Take a look at the brochure on this to see an example of what it can do.

Should you have any questions or would like a demo please contact us at any time.


These are some brochures for some of the systems we offer.